I believe that balance and centredness within our being can only be achieved by bringing harmony to the indivisible body, mind, and soul. Holistic wellness and healing takes place when we bring back the balance,transcending our entanglements, and moving beyond blame to an agreement with life as it is.

Annie Cariapa

Family Constellations

Every human being is born into a family and shares a bond with everyone who belongs to that family.  The ‘family conscience’ oversees the balance and survival of the family group and the fate of all individuals are held with this unconscious authority.

Returning to Self
Healing Your Inner Child & Living in the Power of Now

I believe that we are all spiritual beings in a physical body, having a human experience.  Our Inner Child, as it finds self expression, is the gateway to our Higher Self.  Loving and honouring the Child that we once were is the only way to love and honour ourselves today.  It is the flowing, spiritual way….


Supervision is an important peg for you if you are working as a practitioner in the field of wellness and mental/ emotional health. It supports you in your work with clients, and provides opportunity for you to build new perspectives and skills. Supervision helps you reflect on and manage ethical dilemmas that invariably arise while working with clients…


21-Mar-2023 (Tue) and 21-Mar-2023 (Tue) at Bangalore

About Annie

Annie Cariapa is the founder of Spanda.  She runs learning courses in Family Constellation and offers herself as a teacher and supervisor in constellations.

Annie is a Supervising Transactional Analyst (STA) and offers supervision for counsellors/ therapists with a view to support and enhance their skills.

Annie uses an integrated approach weaving together her expertise in Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic Constellations, Hypnotherapy, body work and related modalities in the process of developing wellness, harmony and balance. Her work reflects the synthesis of her systemic, psychodynamic and spiritual approach. Annie has worked in the area of Leadership development at senior management levels….